Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Thoughts Here and There...

Hello! Just a little update on a few things.

I stopped by one of my favorite places in Capitol Hill after work today, Stitches. They are a wonderful craft store specializing in all things that you stitch. They have great knitting & crocheting supplies, really cute fabric and lots of other stitching necessities. I had to pick up a few crochet hooks to help me get started on a long term project that I'll be sharing soon.
And also a little book update. Battle Royale was phenomenal and now I am on to Carl Sagan's "Contact". I love Carl Sagan so much! He is definitely a huge inspiration. Happy reading!


Tommy said...

so when did you get the job as spoke person for stitches?

What makes Carl Sagan such a great inspiration to you?

Creepy Jen said...

Hi Tommy! When I listen to Carl Sagan speak, or read his writing, I feel like my mind is opening and expanding out into the universe (idk if that makes sense). He has an amazing way of putting things into perspective that makes me want to live a better life. And he just makes the universe sound so magical.

Loud n Brown said...

i shoulda bought that yellow yarn . . . but it'd be just giving my mom work : /

can i order a CreepyJen scarf?
nice to see you're keeping up with the blog again!