Saturday, April 28, 2012

Long Term Project: Bucilla Honeycomb Afghan

What a shame! It's a partly sunny Saturday and Kevin and I are holed up in our apartment with the flu. There's a lot of orange juice/tea drinking and chicken noodle soup eating going on. On the bright side, this will give me a chance to watch old Arrested Development and Golden Girls episodes, and work on a new long-term project.

I recently went on a Goodwill run and, to my amazement, found two completely unopened Bucilla crocheted afghan kits from the 1970s. I'm currently working on one of them now:
Crocheting all of those little honeycombs sure is time consuming, but it's still fun and the end result will be awesome!
Eventually it'll all come together like this:

I'll keep you updated with the finished product when I'm all done. Only 90 more pieces to go!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time Out: Career Path

I wanted to take a little break to discuss something that I think/worry about A LOT. Now that I'm progressing deeper into my late twenties, the fact that I still don't have a solid career path bothers me very, very much.

To give a bit of school/work background, I graduated from the University of Hawaii in 2007 with a BA in Psychology. During my time at school I worked for almost 6 years as a manager at a Van's Shoes. I loved it there and stayed longer than I probably should have. After Vans, I worked for a year doing administrative duties at a local Hospice organization in Hawaii. I was very thankful for the opportunity to work in a social work setting as social services is a possible path I'd like to pursue. After my year at Hospice Hawaii I decided to take a chance and move to Seattle to be with my boyfriend and experience life outside of my small island home. It took about 9 months for me to find work out here, but finally landed an office manager position at a small Seattle software company. I've been at this present company for over a year now and have learned tons of new skills in the computer world. And although these skills will be beneficial in finding other positions, technology isn't really the field I see myself in.

Due to some family circumstances, my boyfriend and I will be moving back to Hawaii in the next few months and I will find myself searching for a new job back home. And while the prospects for finding work in Hawaii are not too promising, that isn't really the issue I'm worried about.

For me, the issue lies in finding my passion. At 27 years old, I figured I would have my act together by now. There are things that interest me, such as, social services, crafting, teaching, baking, but these topics are kind of all over the place and none of them present a real "oomph" when I think about them. To me social work seems like the clearest path, but then doubts of my ability and drive start creeping in. How will I know I'm capable? What if I find that it's not really what I want? I don't have much experience, why would a Master's program even accept me? All of these questions give me great anxiety.

My plan at the moment is to try and find an entry level job in the social services field to see if it's something that I could/should or even want to do before applying to graduate school. This will help me gain insight into the field, as well as much needed experience.

I just get so scared that I'll never find my place. Sometimes I feel like the only 27 year old that has no clue what they're doing. I have to keep telling myself that everyone has a different experience in searching for that path. I have to stop comparing myself to the accomplishments of my peers (who in my opinion are way ahead of me) and that things happen when they're supposed to happen and that helps to calm the fears.

How do you find your passion? If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it.
Gas Works Park Path - courtesy of Kevin

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Beautiful Day!

It was yet another beautiful spring day in Seattle today. We decided to have a little picnic at Gas Works Park with some of our friends. I actually got very sunburned, but it was well worth it after months of gloomy weather.
Gas Works Park 2012
Here are some Instagram pics of the day:
There were so many kites in the sky. This octopus kite was my favorite.
Here's all of us. This picture is courtesy of our friend, Rob.
No shoes on the picnic blankets!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Record Store Day!

Happy Record Store Day, everyone! It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday today and we spent some time out to enjoy the warm weather. Since it's Record Store Day we decided to make a little visit to Everyday Music in Captiol Hill.
I had to take a picture of this Jefferson Starship album. Love everything about this cover. I ended up buying The Carpenters' Christmas Portrait (this album reminds me of my childhood) and a Three Dog Night album for 40 cents each! Can you believe it?

Then we strolled around Capitol Hill and stopped by Red Light Vintage.
So many colors!
Ahhhhhh. Finally I get to feel the sun on my toes!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Thoughts Here and There...

Hello! Just a little update on a few things.

I stopped by one of my favorite places in Capitol Hill after work today, Stitches. They are a wonderful craft store specializing in all things that you stitch. They have great knitting & crocheting supplies, really cute fabric and lots of other stitching necessities. I had to pick up a few crochet hooks to help me get started on a long term project that I'll be sharing soon.
And also a little book update. Battle Royale was phenomenal and now I am on to Carl Sagan's "Contact". I love Carl Sagan so much! He is definitely a huge inspiration. Happy reading!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book Worm

I've always loved to read, but the urge would come and go in phases. This year I am pumped up and ready for as many books as I can possibly fit into 12 months. So far in 2012 my count is up to eight books. These books to be exact:


At the moment I'm finishing up Stephen King's "Thinner". I'm a total sci-fi/fantasy/horror nerd, so be prepared to see a lot of those come up on my list. My next venture after "Thinner" will be Koushun Takami's "Battle Royale".
Battle Royale

It's the original Hunger Games. Excited to start this!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter & What I Wore Today

Happy Easter, everyone! Today Kevin and I spent some of our beautiful spring day at the University of Washington campus checking out the cherry blossom trees in full bloom.




And here's a look at What I Wore Today: Easter edition.


Feather Top: Kensie Girl
Green spring jeans: Easy Money Jeans @ Macy's
Leopard scarf: Macy's
Simple black flats: Steve Madden

Hope everyone had a great spring day!