Monday, August 30, 2010

the beatles atc swap

yet ANOTHER atc swap completed. i have a lot of time on my hands, so i've been making atcs like crazy! this one was for a beatles atc and it just so happened that the person i had to send mine to was my sister, joanne. check out the atc she made here.

here's the atc i made for her:

beatles atc sent

i based this one off their abbey road album. the lyric is one of my favorites from that album, "and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

here's the beatles atc my partner sent me:

the beatles atc received

she used yellow submarine style fabric.

yay! i love the beatles so much!

Music: James Germain and the grey gray days

last night we went to see our friend derrick's band, james germain and the grey gray days, play at their cd release show at the can can in pike's market. it's a great little venue and all the performers did excellent.

can can seattle, wa

derrick @ the can can 8/29/10

there's derrick going at it at the drums. he's so talented! i haven't seen him play in years, so i was happy to see him in his element and doing what he does best.

congratulations on the ep release!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


i love you, kanye west. here's his epic "power" video.

so good.

owl atc

i joined an owl atc swap a while back and it's finally done.

here's my owl atc:

owl atc sent

i used a computer image, cardstock, japanese masking tape and sequin embellishments.

here's the card my partner sent me:

owl atc received

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

skull atc

finally finished up the swap for some skull atcs. i had 2 partners and had to create 2 atcs for each of them.

here's the four that i made:

skull atc sent 2

skull atc sent 1

whenever i do anything with skulls i usually use day of the dead skulls because i think they're beautiful and fantastic.

and here's the four i received from my two partners:

skull atc received 2

skull atc received 1

yay for skulls!

super duper spider killer

kevin recently went back home to hawaii, so i'm going to be living here in the apartment by myself for a while. this means that i have to take care of all the spider killing myself.

spiders aren't really a problem in hawaii. once in a while you run across the occasional daddy-long-legs, but that's usually when you're rummaging through a corner of the garage that seldom sees any action. so imagine my horror when kevin informed me that spiders usually come out when it gets a bit warmer. come out and apparently flock to our apartment to surprise me in the shower or descend from a silky thread only to dangle in front of the television while i'm watching.

i swear, in the past 5 days since kevin's been gone i've killed 6 spiders. and they're spiders i've never seen before, which makes it worse.

here's my weapon of choice:

spider killing weapon of choice

a broom with duct tape at the top. it's the perfect weapon. not only is it great for long distance, but you don't even have to be accurate. as long as the tape touches anywhere on the spider, it's a goner.

now i am extremely cautious when walking around the house. with every step i take i examine my surroundings.

it's difficult living in fear.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


alright, so today i am hereby declaring defeat by the 30 day song challenge. :(
i just couldn't keep up.

but i would still like to do some of them, particularly the ones i already know the answer to.

this one was for day 23: a song you want played at your wedding.

i'm excited to dance to this. my ultimate love song.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bestie in seattle!

my best friend, christine, is a flight attendant for hawaiian airlines and stopped over in seattle for a day. it was so good to see her and i got to spend the whole day exploring with her.

christine visit 8/2010

here she is at pike place market.

pike pub 8/2010

and here i am at the pike pub where we had lunch.

we shopped a little at southcenter mall and ate at the olive garden by her hotel. good times!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

home visit

i got back from another home visit about 2 weeks ago and it was great! i got to play with my niece, emily jay, and spend time with friends and family.

here's emily playing dress up:

home 8/2010

and i got to go to the beach with my buddies, kammy and sarah, and eat at kua'aina burger. so good!

sunset 8/2010kuaaina burger 8/2010

it was a little gloomy out, but i still got a tan!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Places: Michael's!

on friday, kev and i drove to south center to check out their michael's craft store. the first and last time i went to a michael's was in vegas in 2007, so i was very excited to be there again. it may not be exciting to people who have grown up on the mainland, but for hawaii people like me, who don't have one, it's like craft paradise.
[source: google images]

and they have and entire aisle of martha stewart scrapbooking supplies.
[source: google images]

but, alas, out of all the wonderful things they have, they didn't have what kevin was looking for; blank vinyl stickers. if anyone has any suggestions on where to find it, let me know!

cupcake atc

yet another finished atc swap!

here's the cupcake atcs i sent my partner:
cupcake atc sent
i was really proud of these. it was hard to give away. :(

and here's the two my partner sent:
cupcake atc received

Saturday, August 14, 2010

30 day song challenge: day 15

day 15 of the song challenge is a song that describes you.

i love the yeah yeah yeahs, so expect to see a lot of them here.

Friday, August 13, 2010

30 day song challenge: day 14

day 14 of the song challenge is a song that no one would expect you to like.

i like to think that i appreciate all different types of music, even though most of what i listen to is indie/rock stuff. so i guess people would be surprised that i LOVE wu tang clan's "gravel pit". i even know the words and try to rap it when i can. haha

Thursday, August 12, 2010

30 day song challenge: day 13

day 13's song challenge is a song that is a guilty pleasure.

new found glory is totally my guilty pleasure. i remember listening to them in high school and those were good times. soundtrack of a generation, i tell ya!

ah, i love these guys.

30 day song challenge: day 12

still trying to catch up. this is for the song challenge's day 12: a song by a band you hate

hate is a strong word, but i distinctly remember having an aversion to these guys back when they were popular.

yikes, his big, white teeth scare me.

nautilus atc

when i saw the posting for a nautilus atc swap i HAD to join. i love the nautilus. it's such a weird, fascinating creature.

this is what i made for my partner:

nautilus atc sent
i used cardstock, sequins, mini brads, and japanese masking tape for its tentacles.

here's what my partner sent:

nautilus atc received
so colorful!

woodland themed atc

i've gotten tons of atcs done in the past week! this one was a woodland themed atc swap. i had 3 partners and made 1 atc for each of them. here's the 3 i made:

woodland theme atc sent 1

woodland theme atc sent 2

and here's the 3 that i received:

woodland atc received 1

woodland atc reveived 2

Friday, August 6, 2010

30 day song challenge: day 11

day 11 of the song challenge: a song by your favorite band

as you might already know the yeah yeah yeahs are my all time favorite band. i chose one of their songs for day 1 of the challenge: your favorite song. here's another video by them.

i couldn't get the official video, but it's a good one. this song is from their first album. it's just so them! haha

30 Day Song Challenge

30 day song challenge: day 10

day 10 of the 30 day song challenge: a song that you can fall asleep to

i chose iron & wine's "upward over the mountain". this song definitely doesn't put me to sleep because it bores me, but it relaxes me. i remember listening to it a lot while flying and it would calm me so i could try to fall asleep. i LOVE iron & wine.

30 Day Song Challenge

wow, still behind! 30 day song challenge: day 9

i just got back from a little vacay back home in hawaii and i'm STILL behind in the challenge, so i'm going to do 4 in a row so that i can catch up.

this one is day 9's song challenge: a song you can dance to.

got to see these guys in concert and we all definitely danced to this song.

30 Day Song Challenge

Monday, August 2, 2010

30 day song challenge: day 8

oh no! i'm behind in the song challenge! so i will do two songs today to catch up. yesterday's category: a song you know all the words to.

i love the rx bandits so, so much and when i heard this song i made it a point to learn all the words to it. i still remember all of them!

they're currently on a west coast tour, so they better be on their way to seattle!

30 Day Song Challenge