Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Record Store Day!

Happy Record Store Day, everyone! It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday today and we spent some time out to enjoy the warm weather. Since it's Record Store Day we decided to make a little visit to Everyday Music in Captiol Hill.
I had to take a picture of this Jefferson Starship album. Love everything about this cover. I ended up buying The Carpenters' Christmas Portrait (this album reminds me of my childhood) and a Three Dog Night album for 40 cents each! Can you believe it?

Then we strolled around Capitol Hill and stopped by Red Light Vintage.
So many colors!
Ahhhhhh. Finally I get to feel the sun on my toes!


Rachele said...

We stayed in the house and missed the nice nw weather and record store day! Bummer! I live through your pretty photos :)

Tommy said...

your pictures always make me miss the NW :( Or maybe I just miss you both. Is Kevin always wearing the glasses now? When Jenine and I return can we make a day of record store shopping (or maybe CD store since I don't have a record player)

Creepy Jen said...

@ Tommy: He does wear them all the time now. And his eyes are worse without them now! We can definitely take a record store trip when you guys get back. Can't wait, miss you folks so much!

Loud n Brown said...

or BUY a turn table?
it's pretty badass OWNING the protomen vinyl . the queen album is in my sights